We are an online wellness community with one common goal - becoming our best selves. With internationally renowned trainers providing the best, most efficient workouts to fit your goals.

Our workouts can be done at home, in the gym or on your travels - there’s no excuses.

But we’re not just about workouts, we empower you to make the best food choices for your body which in turn keeps your mind sharp and focussed to take you to the next level of awesome that you are!

Underpinning all this, we advocate mindfulness and personal development alongside accountability to ensure you don’t just reach your goals, you smash them!

Why Recover Yourself Fit?

Home Workouts


We match your fitness level, preferences and goal to a proven program. Choose from 600+ workouts. Train on the go - It’s like having a celebrity trainer with you whenever & wherever you go!

Bespoke Nutrition


Want to lose weight? Build muscle mass? Or Maintain your physique? By empowering you with simple techniques to meet your goals, you will learn how to nourish your body right, for life!



We’re with you every step of the way: your fan club cheering you on, inspiring you and most importantly not letting you give up! Without the accountability and support, we give up on our goals too easy. It's my job not to let you do that.

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I was the corporate marketing girl who had it all - living the high life, award winning campaigns, and global brand exposure.

Yet, there was a deep emptiness.

“My purpose on this planet was more than I was living, I wanted to help people succeed not chase the success for others. Today and everyday, I empower people to create their dream life and love their mind, body and soul.”

In 2013, my life changed completely. I nearly lost my life to addiction but thankfully, and god knows how, I was saved. Since then realised my dream wasn’t to climb the corporate ladder, it is to help people realise they can have it all and not have to pay the price I did.

I had already been through some major life changes in overcoming depression, addiction and burnout but nothing had helped me before quite like putting my physical and mental health frist so I decided to create a way for others to fast track what had taken me nearly 10 years to struggle through.

I wanted more from my life but when I went from corporate marketing to freelance work and experienced the same stress and unhappiness - instead of being something to keep me well, why don't I help other people like me skip the years of agony and help them stay well, get focused and be the best version of themselves - both personally and professionally.


I’ve worked with Kelly for the past several months. I really needed to work on my own fitness and eating better and without a shadow of a doubt, Kelly delivered this in big way. Her help and guidance through my journey has really enabled me to get to grips of my hopes, dreams and ambitions. I’ve been able to work on not just the physical side of my goals but also developed a healthier mindset in the process. Kelly’s warm and friendly approach makes things very easy to get a grip on my transformation. It’s certainly worth a conversation as she can help you with your physical and mental goals.

from Martin Wroe, Business Owner and Entrepreneur
Kelly really helped pull me out of a rut with my fitness and nutrition. I was struggling to find the motivation but the home workouts fit with my working mum life and created a good basis to introduce my little one to exercise too.

from Jane Farquhar, full-time working mum