10 Rounds Challenge Group

10 Rounds Challenge Group

Want to get the most from your home workouts? Feel like you've been lacking in direction, motivation and commitment?

Here's how you get the best results by working out for just 30 minutes a day, 5 days each week.

10 Rounds is a progressive programme designed to improve your fitness and strength through boxing and strength training. Each boxing workout has 10, 3 minute rounds to boost your heart rate and torch calories.

Two strength training workouts each week focus on upper body and lower body in isolation to give you maximum results. Each workout had a core burnout at the end.

This programme is low impact but high intensity and suitable for all fitness levels. With the pack you also get annual access to 1000's of on demand workouts, not just for the 6 week programme but for the entire year.

In my VIP group, we will talk about getting set up with a routine, abundant healthy eating to match your goals and most importantly, hold you accountable to make sure you achieve your goals

Check out the details on the Challenge Pack here. Are you ready for your 10 Rounds Challenge - contact me for the next group start date.