Three Reasons Home Workouts Really Work

Three Reasons Home Workouts Really Work

Remember the good old days of home workout DVD? Lycra in the living room and step aerobics was the thing, right?

When did we ditch the home workout for the latest yoga sweat craze? Truth is, we never did.

Our lives are constantly evolving and routine changes but one thing is certain, when you have access to a platform of thousands of workouts at your fingertips, your health doesn't have to follow the newest 5 minute fad.

I hear these 'excuses' all the time: I'm not motivated to workout at home. I don't have time. I need to go to a class or I just won't go.

I call them excuses because, they are. You can't be healthy and get fit & toned without finding the balance of nutrition and exercise that suits your lifestyle and goals. So, first, lets talk about motivation...

To be motivated to go to the gym and to work out at home are the same. The key is focusing on the goal and what you want to achieve not where you're achieving it. Make a little area in your home or outside that is your 'workout space', it doesn't have to be big or have lots of equipment. Setting a routine helps with motivation for working out at home, knowing that you will workout at a set time and in a set place helps to clear your head of other distractions and focus on your time for you.

Plus, if you mess up a move or get out of breath - you can let go and just be yourself. Have fun and enjoy the workout is for you and no one else.

Now, let's talk about time. Have you ever noticed that everyone's default response is 'busy' when someone asks 'How are you?'. Since when did busy become a marker for how someone is. We all have this sense that we are busy and yes, life is busier now than it was before smartphones and technology. But, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. So when people say they are too busy to workout, it's not really about time, it's about priorities. How important is your health? Can you find 30 minutes a day to your goal?

It may take some work and reassessing to find the 30 minutes but I guarantee, you'll be more productive for the rest of the day if you workout first thing.

But you still don't think you can workout unless you go to a class? Poppycock!

Home workouts are like being in a class but you've got 100% attention from the trainer. Best still, you can do the class any time to suit you, you aren't fighting for a space in the room and they keep you motivated for the entire workout. All you need to do is put the time in your diary like you book yourself onto a class and you're there.

You'll save tonnes of time, max out on your results and still get the motivation and support you would if you were in a class or gym setting.